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Aid, Inc Self Help Center and Thrift Shop depends on people like you to help those in need. Shopping with us provides food and shelter help, along with utilities and housing expenses for the people that are at a crucial time of their lives. We thrive to keep our food pantry full and ready for the needs of our local friends and neighbors. Every purchase or donation, no matter how small or large, is put to use in aiding these wonderful people. We keep our store filled with items for any age bracket. So if you want to save some money, and help those who are in need, then come see us.

If you just want to make a donation...We thank you for your support.

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The rest of the story…

“I got this” 

Amanda came home on a Friday and because she was so weak she fell in her parent’s garage and had to be re-admitted.  She remained hospitalized for a while until she was placed in a rehab facility to help her regain her strength and ability to walk.  She was released to her parents’ home because she could not yet walk the stairs in her and Luke’s apartment building.  While at her parents’ home she was receiving physical therapy and using a walker.  Her parents, both disabled, had to assist with lifting the baby out of his crib for changing and feeding.  Amanda’s arm strength had not yet fully returned.  She continued to struggle with loss of appetite and a metallic taste in her mouth.  She was feeling stronger until she lost her balance one day in the bathroom.  She fell into the shower breaking her two front permanent teeth.  She would now require root canal work to repair the damages.  AID, Inc. helped with some financial assistance for this procedure. 


The baby rapidly progressed and gained weight.  Still his mother could not lift him and had to rely on her parents and husband.  The family stayed with her parents in the parents one-bedroom home until Amanda could climb steps and lift her baby.  In the meantime, Luke would take the two boys, ages 3 and 5 home in the mornings so they would have some degree of normalcy – school for the 5 year old who has a learning disability, the children’s own toys and beds, and a much needed regular routine.  Amanda continued doing physical therapy until the day came when she climbed the stairs into her own apartment – after 7 1/2 months of fighting cancer.  Tests show that she is cancer-free, however, she will need periodic scans to ensure that she remains cancer-free. She has a wonderful attitude, her hair is growing back, she is taking care of her children round the clock and is looking forward to those checkups that tell her she remains cancer free. 


This family has endured a lot of trauma. They are living their “new normal” and look forward to the holidays. Amanda says “I got this”…

Amanda and Luke, a married couple with 2 small boys were expecting their third child in 4 months when Amanda developed a lump in her neck, making swallowing very difficult. After intense testing, an aggressive cancer was detected. Amanda needed life-saving treatment immediately so after an emergency C-section, Amanda went to the cancer floor and the baby was born weighing 1 pound 13ounces, then went into micro preemie intensive care. The family endured months of struggles including set-backs for

Amanda - the loss of appetite, the ravages of the crucial chemo drugs, and loss of muscle mass and strength.  Luke, a night worker, needed to find care for the 2 little boys while still going to the hospital to keep his wife's spirits up, see his fragile baby and somehow keep life normal for his sons. 4 months later, the baby is coming home, but not the mom, and Luke works nights, so, how does this family not only survive but how is all of this going to work because mom is still hospitalized...

AID, Inc. assisted with rental assistance, food for the family and more. However, car payments were in the picture, and massive medical expenses for mom and baby over and above what insurance could pay.

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When dollars are spent locally, they can in turn be re-spent locally, raising the overall level of economic activity, paying more salaries, and building the local tax base.

This re-circulating of money leads to an increase of economic activity, with the degree of expanse entirely dependent on the percentage of money spent locally.

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